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The Importance Of Proper Surge Protection and Grounding

Hey guys, I thought I would share an eye opening event experienced by one of my friends.

He just moved into a new house and set his home theater system which consists of an Onkyo network receiver, 60" Panny plasma tv and 5.1 made up of Klipsch Synergy speakers and Sub 12.

He had the satellite tv company come out and install his satellite dish a few days after he moved in. He went to watch TV a day later and his tv, sat box, receiver, and Sub would not power on. Voltage tested fine at the wall and Monster AV surge protector.

It turns out that a surge came in on the coax from the satellite dish and spiked the satellite box which then fried the receiver via HDMI, which fried the TV via HDMI and the sub via rca cables. Although the surge protector had coax protection, he didn't have them hooked up and they took out all of his equipment.

It turns out that the installer who installed the satellite dish did not properly ground it, so despite his mistake of not hooking the coax surge protection up they are going to cover the cost of the equipment repairs. It turned out to be a cheap lesson for him but if the dish was properly installed, he would have been SOL.

I guess I just wanted to stress the importance of surge protection for your equipment, even on coax cables and also to make sure your incoming coax (satellite or cable) are grounded correctly.
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