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Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
I'm just saying, get ready to go back to work if you want to live to 200.

Pensions will not be collected by measly 60 year olds anymore. You'll no longer be working for 20,30,40 years, but more like 140 years before you can retire. Especially when we limit the number of children you can have (limiting the number of people paying into your military pension fund, social security, and your private pensions).
I would gladly work up past 150...170...185 if we could live to 200+. Think of how much you could learn and achieve. Unless you hate your job or have no motivation to make a contribution back with discoveries and innovations to mankind, then yeah its kind of pointless to live that long. Theres a few of us who would love to have an extra 100 years to put more effort into our work. Professors, scientists, engineers, doctors...all these great minds could do so much more and continue their hardwork if it wasnt for out limited timespans.

And to argue your SS point, the system would just be revamped, just like it has been in the past few years as people are now living longer. Also more folks should be conscious about saving for retirement and being "smart" with money. Maybe put a cap on the length of time you can withdraw SS checks? My 0.02

And I wont combat your children argument because that is a moral decision that varies from person to person. I only want 1-2 children and no more, but who am I to say you cant have 5-6? So long as we dont have more families like the one in the media that has 19 children, then we could manage me thinks a controlled population and resources. Just takes time and more ideas.

Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
A friend and I were talking about living indefinitely one night and both decided that if you ever want to see a true class warfare, wait until someone invents a process/treatment for immortality. Imagine how powerful a person or family could become if they could live to be 600 years old. Just think of how much you could learn.
That was my basis for living longer to begin with. I dont want to live longer just because I think its "cool" but rather achieve more in my lifetime and enjoy many more personal success memories.
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