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Originally Posted by ga1990 View Post
I can't believe so many of you don't even know what Western Union's been around since the 1850's and is a much larger company than Paypal (not to say there's anything wrong with paypal) They basically invented transferring money without physically handing it from one person to another.
It's all about convenience, my man. I went to their site to see if it was something I could just do online. It's not the end of the world, but it seems that if I do it on line, someone will have to pick up the money in person.. how is that more convenient for them?

I am waiting to see what jolly has to say tonight. I really would like one of these.. but again, I feel it is ridiculous.

and ot the guy who replied earlier about a service they don't offer.. That's not my problem man. I am the consumer and I use PAYPAL. Tis is not a necessity, it is not a need.. it is a luxury want, and a fairly expensive one. It is ridiculous to charge a premium so that I can stay in my comfort zone.

anyone who feels differently-- is a fool. I'm sorry. BUT.. there are people out there searching on eBay RIGHT NOW willing to pay far too much for stupid little trinkets because THEY feel they are valuable.. "more money than brains" comes to mind. Fools searching for fools gold. I'm guilty of it myself, so I'm not trying to be totally hypocritical. But to charge a 30.00 fee to use PAYPAL, AND THEN TELL ME I HAVE TO PAY THE PAYPAL FEE is ridiculous!!!! I agreed to the 30.00 premium.This was at least spit on first.. the fee= putting it in with NO lube.

Unfortunately, I have more brains than money and I DON'T like being taken advantage of.

We will see what jolly says.
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