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Here's my philosophy on external mechanical safeties on pistols:

1911s have thumb safeties because they tend to have super light triggers and very light hammer release.

HKs have safeties so you can decock the gun, or carry it like a 1911 with the thumb safety.

Berettas have safeties because Privates and 2nd Lieutenants are idiots.

M&Ps have thumb safeties because police agencies wanted them on there for "liability" reasons because they don't know how to train their officers how to keep their damn booger hooks off the trigger until they're on target.

If you feel like you want it off, take it off and see how you like it. I've been CCW carrying a Glock for 8 years, and I haven't Tex Grebner'd myself yet. When it comes to a CCW gun, I am a firm believer in the minimalist philosophy. The more simple, the better.
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