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Originally Posted by m3evolution View Post
Im not happy with the boot time either and currently working on a new rom that strips out everything down to the bare bones. Its boot time is a lil faster than the stock rom. But the extra speed come at a cost. My R1 rom is a complete full rom with Android Market, Gmail, Google Maps, etc all included in it.

This new one im gonna name it R1SS. Super Speed/Super Stripped.

- no google maps
- no android market
- no gmail
- no contacts
- no calendar
- no voice search
- no extra apps included
- no bootanimation
- v6 supercharger Activated and ready at first boot

I tested that Tasker_v1.1u2.apk verision that you linked to and it gave me the same problem giving out some weird dead code errors non stop. Try a different version or from a different source. Im currently using Tasker 1.2 without any problems.

Titianium backup gives me some trouble too but going to app manager and doing a force close and clear data to reset Titanium backup usually clears that up and working
One other thing i notice, maybe im crazy but have we lost dual boot? On the stock one when powered obviously dyna booted straight away but android booted in the background itself. To me it appears the android now only boots when i select the Navi button which then commences boot.

Or am i mad, need to do some more checking.

Cretser, I honestly dont know what the problem is, Is yours a D99? what model do you have?
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