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Originally Posted by mattthecoxcomb View Post

These are great questions. Also, some of mine from last week remain unanswered. Of particular interest is:

1. All things being equal, how is the sound quality running B146 through OEM (non-HK) speakers as compared to BMW Business CD?

2. Bluetooth phonebook functionality--can a paired device's phonebook be accessed through the GUI on the B146 and the steering wheel controls? Some users seem to have indicated that when placing a call, the number must be dialed using the touchpad in the GUI on the B146 or, alternatively, using the paired phone itself.

It would be really great to see some answers/thoughts from members who have already received and installed theirs.

On that note, and with respect to policing others' posts: we are all here to learn from and share in the collective wealth of information offered through the forum. One may disagree with or even choose to ignore the comments of another member. But when any member is made to feel that his or her comments are unwelcome, it undermines the forum's role as a repository of knowledge. Every experience, rumination, DIY, or gripe that is relevant to these cars (and associated products) is entitled to expression here--indeed, it should almost be obligatory because some other member could learn something from it.

It's also useful for vendors on the forum to be informed about the wants of their customer base. In this particular case, the folks selling these Enco head units should know that many customers would prefer to use an alternate and arguably more modern and mainstream payment method without paying some kind of penalty. If the lack an alternate method dissuades JUST one perspective buyer, costing them a SINGLE sale, they need to be aware of it. It's good business.

Thats my point exactly. Well said.

We are all supposed to be brothers here. Respect each other.
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