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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
yep i had their 330 front rotors. (also sold a set brand new a while ago when i bought the M3 and bought new CSL brakes). didn't know any 330 were around anymore, thought they all sold out just like the CF brace. too bad the rears on the rotors aren't directional or floating hat design.

if you're talking about BMW Performance decals, yes I've seen those.
I would love to put CSL brakes on, but for that money and headache I will eventually just buy some Brembo GT's. First I need FI to justify that amount of braking. I also agree that the rears should have been floating, they're only something like .2 lbs lighter than stock vs the fronts are 3.1 lbs lighter.

Originally Posted by N89 View Post
I'm assuming those rotors are front only? Where'd you order from?
ECS. They have the front in stock, rears are 1-3 day wait. I should have everything by next Friday (hopefully)



Originally Posted by cak323i View Post
Looking good JP

Getting the Performance Cross-Drilled Rotors will also look awesome. Should also get the Performance BBK if you haven't already...

Okay what I have put on my ZHP regarding BMW Performance parts....

BMW Performance rotors (front and rear)



BMW Performance BBKs

BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Strut Bar

Sorry.....blurry pic
Charlie, yours looks great too. ECS says the BBK's are backordered at the moment, so that's not going to happen anytime soon. Can't wait to see the pics of the M3 mirrors installed on your car.

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