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Originally Posted by vmarkary View Post
I see you have clutch and exhaust. I'm thinking of doing mods to my m3 in the future, once I trade my vert for a coupe. However, if you want to sell it, and I have a little extra cash now, I think I can buy all your stuff. How much louder is hpf exhaust compared to stock or magnaflow. I currently have magnaflow and I hate their drone between 1900 and 3000 rpms. If you could compare it to how would you compare it. Also, I don't have turbo/super charger yet but I'm planning on it. Do you think I could use the clutch without the extra power, or will it be problematic? As far as price, let's find a price that you would be willing not to see your stuff in garage, and I'm sure we'll find a reasonable offer. Thanks,
The clutch would be perfectly fine for a non s/c or turbo M3 however the exhaust would be over kill, way over kill. It's 4" from the turbo back has titanium tips and has one single resonator. It is LOUD but sounds beefy not raspy.. It drones like most m3 exhaust though. Regardless this exhaust would only work with a turbo m3.

Comment from someone at mfest 'that's the loudest thing I've ever heard'. From a stop it is pretty loud, once your moving it's tolerable. But like I said, this is for 650rwhp+ turbo e46s only.

If you want the clutch and fly wheel I'd sell that separately. I think a oem flywheel is 600 and clutch is 1200 ... Both have less than 500 or so miles on them. I'd sell them together for 1200 though.
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