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Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
why the hostility? you mad? calm down brother.

I did not attack anyone in this thread so why are you attacking me?

Don't be a bully.
Read below....

Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
to M3 Power,

since you are so confident that I am speaking out of my ass and are so rude about it....

If I take a youtube video of me speed loading an ar-15 in less than 3 seconds....are you willing to paypal me $1000 dollars and give me a public an apology.

Since you are the one that "guarantee" and is being rude about.... the burden is on you to prove me wrong. I am not going to waste my time for anything less than $1000 cuz it will take me more time to take the video, edit and post it on youtube than me reloading my magazine.

talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. come on...do it since you are so confident. by the end of APR I will post a video (only time I can go to the range)

also..before you comitt to this silly game..let me point this out to you (so I can save your pride/ego from being bruised)...

whe the M-4 (gas operated) is out of ammo, the bolt is design to locked in the rear position. all you have to do is grab another magazine and slam it into the magazine well and press your bolt release button and you will be locked, cocked and ready to rock. ANYONE can do this in 3 seconds or less (even you..with practice)

lastly....let me school you on the maximum range.

I never said that the M4 can't go pass 500 meters. what I said was that the MAXIMUM EFFECTIVE RANGE (for a point target) is 500 meters. <---big difference brother
also...with any weapon, the max range is dependant on two factors....ammo and barrell length. the M4 (military version) has 14.5 in barrell and uses abou 55 gram of powder and goes to 500 meters (max effect/point target).

sure..you can buy an AR-15 (cilivian version) with a longer barrell (like 16 inch) and get some higher grade ammo and reach out further but that will be fruitless since the M4 was design for close to medium engagement (and not long distance engagement)

IN SUMMARY: DON'T BE A BULLY and don't try to act tough on the internet. you are not impressing anyone (not even limocello). play the silly "my c ock is bigger than your c ock" with someone else that even has a c ock since it is pointless to play this stupid game with me since I am a girl.
Dear god you are one insecure individual...... And you're the one accusing me of being mad... I must admit, you gave me the weirdest boner with your steamy reply..... Once again, you're talking out of your ass. Post a video of yourself doing a speed reload in less than three seconds. $1000? Come on now, stop acting like a child. I will for sure own up to my accusations, give you credit, along with a formal apology.

Originally Posted by MpoweredM View Post
I miss you Chris.
Miss you too Curtis

You going to 4angiefest? I will be visiting my friend when I get back from deployment in a few months. We should meet up, along with AJ.

We can practice our 2 second speed reloads...

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