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Originally Posted by M3_POWER View Post
Read below....

Dear god you are one insecure person...... And you're the one accusing me of being mad... I only read the first couple sentences and quit. Once again, you're talking out of your ass. Post a video of yourself doing a speed reload in less than three seconds. $1000? Come on now, stop acting like a child like you always do. I will for sure give you credit and a formal apology.

Miss you too Curtis

You going to 4angiefest? I will be visiting my friend when I get back from deployment in a few months. We should meet up man.

We can practice on our 2 second speed reloads...
hahhah. point taken.

i guess it is very easy to make allegations and very easy to "call people out" but it is harder to put your money where your mouth it.

got it are one of those guys

here is a free advice for you:

go easy on the allegations and go easy on "calling people out" unless you have sufficient evidence or willing to go through the hassle to prove someone wrong.

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