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Hello AndyZHP,

Originally Posted by AndyZHP
Hey Tim, sorry for the late response, I too forgot to subscribe to this thread and just now saw all of the replies.

I purchased my Konis and RD front sway and installed them at the same time. I originally set the front bar to full stiff, but the car's front end pushed like a dozer in the corners (major understeer). I then set the bar to full soft and it helped the understeer quite a bit. I've also made a couple adjustments to my shocks and am running 265 wide tires all the way around, which has helped to eliminate [some of] the understeer. The car is feeling very neutral now, however I do notice a little understeer at corner exit.

The larger front sway bar has seemed to really reduce the body roll up front... but then again a lot of that could be from the stiff settings I have on my Konis. My car has no to very little body roll now, which has really helped improve my auto-x times.

My first auto-x of the season with my new setup helped me to get a 1st place finish in B Stock!!
Congratulations on your first win! That's a good way to start your season.

BTW, you are running 265 all the way around? May I ask what wheels you're using?
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