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Thanks for the list of fixes (or things the factory didn't do right) Rob but that's still not really what I'm after...
Doesn't the S54 also have an Aluminum block? That's why I'm interested in the physical differences between them and peripherals like girdles and how the mains are secured (2 bolt, cross bolted, etc).
Or is is the crank itself? Are there significant differences between the M54 and S54 cranks besides stroke? Journal sizes, counterweights, overall weight...
Anyone ever put the rotating assemblies on a scale?

I'm just curious... it seems like there could be so much potential but much like a viable end user flashable tuning solution there's nothing out there.

Also, Rob: I see we're pretty much around the block from each other. Are there any BMW meets in the Mid-A coming up? I'd like to head to VIR at some point this year.
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