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I am not sure what exact calipers he sent. They each had 2 different stamps on them for 2 different parts. The Pad guide brackets were about 15mm too small for either my existing calipers or his refurbished ones. I also forgot to mention that he poorly packaged his calipers and one bleeder screw was completely broke off in the caliper. It cost me 3 hours removing it, about $10 for a new bleeder screw. About 2-3 more hours in driving to and from parts shops and dealers and probably $10 in gas. Car stuck on jacks all weekend. I ended up purchasing caliper rebuild kits for my old calipers and just rebuilding my own and re using all my own parts.. Another $30.00 bucks. He clearly stated in the email "Jeeze are we having fun yet? Please send the others back to get the refund process started"
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