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Originally Posted by 'busa View Post
No. It isn't. Unless you were being punched by Alistair Overeem... Could death occur? Sure. Death could occur if someone pushed you in the shoulder and you slipped. That doesn't mean you shoot them.
Ok, how many times would you allow someone to smash your head into the pavement before you considered the possibility that they werent going to stop doing it until you were dead or permanently injured?

Keeping in mind that you get more woozy and disoriented, and less coherent and coordinated with each time? Keeping in mind that people that get curb stomped dont choose to be, they just get beaten to the point where theyre incapable of resisting.

Youre so sure that 1 punch and 1 smash isnt enough. How many is enough?

Dont equivocate. Give us a solid, objective, written-into-law number.
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