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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
Sorry, all of my wife's friends are fat and ugly. I would not ever ask her to hook me up with any of her friends. She was the one "hot friend" that you see at the bar surrounded by all the ugly chicks.
I was afraid this was where you were going, but wanted to you would ask her if her friends were hot? brave man, lol

Originally Posted by brew View Post
I still love this forum - mostly because I think we have a great mix of people. This is still a great resource if I have gun questions. But I'm looking for somewhere with a lot more traffic where I can lurk for hours. I'm also looking for something with less of a tactical/self defense bent.

I still need to check out Reedo's suggestion of The High Road ... But so far I'm enjoying the regional forum I found. I like being able to find threads suggesting fun places to shoot within 10 miles of my house.

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just messing with you, no worries....I participate in about 5 other gun related forums.

btw, aren't you the guy with the huge property? I thought you could just shoot from your porch

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