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Originally Posted by Serbonze View Post
That wasn't immediately after. If you read the police report, Zimmerman was placed into the back of a squad car and given first aid by SFD at the scene.

<---- That.

The video isn't particularly clear; while it looks like Z's nose could be swollen (refrain Pinocchio jokes), we can't tell it isn't either. Furthermore, at no point in the video do we get a clear shot of the back of his head to determine one way or the other.

It's also worth noting that ABC continues to show dated pictures (three different ones) of the Hollister 12 year old. And now that they've established that Z is no longer "portly", does that mean they'll stop airing the pic of him in an orange jumpsuit? Doubtful. They have a misleading narrative to protect, ya know...

Originally Posted by 'busa
Should I shoot anyone whom I'm losing a fight against because the end result might be that I become unconscious and they might curb stomp me?
Only you can answer that question; the answer will vary from person to person. Turning the question on its ear: will you lose consciousness and be curb stomped if you shoot the person who is beating you? That answer will always be no. Perhaps that helps you decide.

Originally Posted by mistrzmiasta
please don't start with're better than that. next thing you know you'll be calling us sheep.
if ur n0t outRaged ur noT paying attenshun!

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