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Originally Posted by roadtrip1098 View Post
A few things you can check. Some sound dumb, but sometimes the simplist solution works the best.

Have you tried doing the rolling reset so the system will "re-learn" the shifting? Just slap the car into N while you're rolling and pull back both paddles for 3-5 seconds. There's no confirmation that it has worked other than the behavior when it shifts.

Have you tried setting drive logic lower for "softer engagement"? The new clutch may bite harder and be causing issues.

How'd the rubber flex disc/guibo look?

Is it possible that they didn't use the right tourque when reinstalling the springs?

Is it possible that you received a defective clutch?

Could the flywheel be dirty or warped?

Did you have the pressure plate changed?
Thanks for the comments

Pressure plate was changed and the flywheel was fresh out of the kit with new clutch

The springs changed were the small ones held in by a press fit cap so no torque settings

Rubber flex disc was changed

Didn't change the drive logic was just left same as my original settings
Also a rolling reset wasn't done
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