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Originally Posted by aggieE46 View Post
Got 3/4 of my bearings off. Messed up the old ones. I salved the easy E46 bearing. Working on getting the other one off. Gotta run to Home Depot at noon and buy longer bolts for the tool.

Edit: Got the 4th bearing off. Trashed. So, I have one good bearing. I'll probably go ahead and just buy 2 to have a backup.

I used this tool:


I had to grind the lips a bit to get a bite and I had to get longer bolts to get the last bearing. For $40, it's nice to have the tool, but I may never need to use it again. If you want to save some hassle, talk to your machine shop about just pulling these off. Might even be able to save yours.

So, here's where we are:


As you can see from the picture, the units themselves seem to be the same height. I haven't measured, but they're pretty darn close. So to add to my excellent illustrations, here's what I'm supposed to do next. The LSD must be modified so that the ring gear is in the same position as it is on the open differential. As you can see, it's too long. I will need to have the bearing seat and shoulder milled down so that it matches. That's the next step.

I'll get ahead of myself and say that after that, the unit itself will be too short. I will then have to have a spacer made to space the bolt-on cover out towards the driver's side. That will make the LSD unit the exact length of the open unit and put the ring gear in the same position as it is on the open unit.

Enjoy the update!

Okay, so I'm trying to figure this out in my head. Help me out a bit.

You are going to mill where the bearing seats to allow for the ring gear to seat correctly (as it's pictured you want it to go down??)?

If that is it, can't you get a spacer made where the ring gear sits to push it over (down, as the picture is orientated?). So that the "flange to end" to be the same height? That way you'll wind up with the correct length and wouldn't need to space out the bolt-on cover?

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