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So I finally stop listening to my wife and decided to install my unit at 7am while she asleeps. The installation was easy for someone like me who has never done this before , however the cables in the back of the unit took forever like 30min to 1hour because my unit didn't went in all the way. Anyways after installing my unit I tried it on before putting everything back to make sure the gps works and other options . My USB worked great , same with my iPod and my gps . I was surprised how the gps work so easy after hearing so many complains . Didn't need to drive around for 5 minutes or anything . When I started it was located in brazil san Paulo, however I went to directions and click and search on my parents house and the gps located where I currently was an gave me directions . After that, it hasn't given me any brazil map. But I will be updating it to the latest iGo tonight . On the other hand, when I was moving my ac unit to the lower level . Since I bought the ac adapter to fit in. It also worked great however while I was removing my stray and the cigarette lighter , I was having issues . Searched on the web on how to remove and was told that there are 2 clips that need to be remove . As I did that I forgot my car was on (yea stupid me) and my lighter thing burned... So now I have to buy a new one . Good thing everything else works perfectly . I haven't try any cd or DVD . I'm anxious to do so but my wife came around 10 to my car and started yelling at me and blah blah... So I guess I will wait till the school is over to make it more perfect.

My review on the unit itself, was a bit tricky to figure it out. I yet haven't install my rear camera . But while I was playing with my unit I happened to change the language to Chinese and was sort of screw for like 15minutes lol just playing around . Then well my only negative review will be that everything I start the car it goes either to TV or Aux... Never radio or iPod. I don't know if that's fixable , but I will check it out. All my controls work from my steering wheel. I was able to make a call a listen radio from my iPhone and Bluetooth - it was great and clear! .

But I will keep you all updates as it goes !!

Also I don't know if is only me but I ended up with more screws then what I began with which was zero....
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