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Originally Posted by atbecstacy View Post
Is anyone else having western union issues with sending money online? Twice I've tried to send it via the 3-day ($10 fee) option and twice it got rejected. I called western union and they said it's on my bank's end. I called my bank twice and they said there's no reason it would be blocked unless I entered the account number and/or routing number incorrectly, which I know I didn't. I made sure not to.

I really don't want to go in person at a western union and pay $25 to do the transfer... That's how much it costs to do it in person right? Oh and my bank is Charles Schwab.
I did have issues online. But I called WU and sent it over the phone with the WU rep. Cost me $5 more but it's $5... If $5 more was going to break me, I shouldn't have been ordering it anyway...
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