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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
Again... You're focusing on the degree and extent of his injuries to try and justify or not justify self defense.

Using deadly force is not MORE legal if you have worse injuries or any LESS justified if your injuries are of a lesser degree.

I know you don't grasp this fact. Justified deadly force can be just that, justified even if your attacker doesn't almost kill you.

If Zimmerman was being beaten up and unable to escape or defend himself or end the attack, he is justified in using force to stop it.

The only way I can see Zimmerman at fault here is if he attacked FIRST or if he drew his weapon FIRST without a threat being present.
I don't believe that to be be the case.

Who was the FIRST aggressor and who/when continued the escalation?
This isn't a black and white (lol) open and shut case necessarily
I'm not talking about the law. I'm talking about the lack of evidence to corroborate Zimmerman's claims that he feared for his life.

Obviously Zimmerman was the first aggressor. There's really no doubt about that fact. Did Trayvon have a duty to retreat?
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