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ETA: One more thing I forgot to mention, I just realized there are two vent holes on the battery: one for the vent hose, and one has a plug. I forgot to grab the plug out of the old core, so that hole was just open, which probably defeats the purpose of venting. I just put a piece of foil-backed tape over it for now, but will run back by Advance in a bit to try to grab the plug from my old core...
Just wanted to add, make sure you save this too. The new battery (at least mine) comes with just the two holes open. The little plastic elbow piece goes in one end (and connects to the vent tube), and you need to block the other hole. I went back and picked up the plastic plug from the old core, and it's in the new one now.

I'm guessing a piece of tape or something would probably work, but why risk it?
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