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Originally Posted by yetieater View Post
flashtwosix, placed an order yet?
yes and we received it last week. UUC took care (amazing customer service/support) of us and this is the #1 why we are such a huge fan of Rob and his amazing company.

tonight we can take a picture of the UUC Gen2 and compare it to PoweFlex and OEM. we can't take pictures of GEN1 since it is installed on the car. maybe I can drop a camera underneath the car with a flashlight in order to take a picture of the GEN1.

Initial impression (this is meaningless since it is all based on assumptions since we haven't tried out the product yet):

total different design from GEN1. We thought that GEN2 will be based on GEN1 with a few design updates but we were wrong.

GEN1 seems more "advance" and is built like a tank (not saying GEN2 is crap).

GEN2 kinds of remind me of the Powerflex design (in terms of construction and material). Again, this is just my observation/opinion and I am not speaking from any level of authority.

Pictures tonight!
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