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Dude... please delete your post. You don't understand how old and annoying that gets.

1) I'm not new to cars or performance.
2) I'm extremely athletic (6-7% body fat)
3) Even if I was heavier, an over all, less weight, well balanced car will still perform better than a full weight car.

If you haven't realized, this thread has gone on for Over 300 posts... I wouldn't be this far a long if being super extremely fat or uneducated on performance cars would have been an issue.

EDIT: and tell me how dropping 400 lbs+ would equal to someone dieting? Again, I'm no where near overweight, but let's pay attention to what's happening here. I'm not looking to drop 50-100 lbs... if you would have read the thread, I'm looking to get to 2800 lbs; 600 lbs under the stock weight.
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