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Originally Posted by manaman22 View Post
Thanks for the pictures! How easy is it to remove the red insert from the bushing? Does it feel like there is any relative motion between the urethane and the rubber? Can you tell if there actually is a bearing between the rubber and the lollipop? Sorry for all of the questions. I'm just curious and you're the first with a hands-on view. Thanks!
Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
How does this new design differ or improve on the PowerFlex design that's been out for years?
I have to refer these questions for Rob but....

manaman22...removing the red bushing is easy. I am not sure if this is because it is new or not. I remembered my powerflex purple bushings were also easy to removed too. however, today I had to hammer it out the powerflex just so I can take a picture of it (since it was old/used).

I think there is some bearing because the black rubber on the lollipop can be rotated freely.

Alex323...beside the black rubber bushing rotating freely on the lollipop I can't really tell. my only concern is that the Powerflex addressed an issue where their purple bushing piece would shimmed/moved/crawed/etc up into the actual control arm. I think powerflex fixed this by installing a metal square bracket/washer or something like that. Hopefully, the UUC GEN2 doesn't have this same problem. Again, I need to refer this to Rob.

P.S. I need to correct what I mentioned about the UUC GEN2 red bushing and Powerflex purple bushing being able to rotate freely. Both bushing (red and purple) can be rotated but they are not really freely. the only thing that can be rotated freely is the UUC GEN2 black rubber on the lollipop.

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