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Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox View Post
when were you thinking of doing the bbq/diy?
was that a serious thought?

someone's been messaging me after reading my DIY thread... he's got a sedan and wants black m3 seats... he's in temecula... i told him if he buys the gray m3 seats in SD and bring them up, i'd do a straight up trade with him
this would save me from having to redo my interior completely to match the black seats... although the black seats have already grown on me
don't trade the seats without swapping those sedan rails out first!

yes it was a serious thought. but sundays i'm usually free all day except for easter if you need something done.

i bet we could swap 2 sets of seats in the 3 hours it took us to do 1 set.

but if both cars were in the same place only the grey seats would need the rail swap

my 2 cents... get the grey ones!

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