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Originally Posted by VALMONT View Post
don't trade the seats without swapping those sedan rails out first!

yes it was a serious thought. but sundays i'm usually free all day except for easter if you need something done.

i bet we could swap 2 sets of seats in the 3 hours it took us to do 1 set.

but if both cars were in the same place only the grey seats would need the rail swap

my 2 cents... get the grey ones!
lol of course
since the other guy has a sedan as well... if he drove up from poway/sd
then we can just swap his sedan railing to the gray seats
then swap gray for black
well i told him i'm willing to do a straight trade so let's see what he says
it'd definitely save me some money ... i just saw a black armrest for sale for $95 shipped

Originally Posted by VaderDave
Fill that hole in your soul by buying more material goods
buy my sedan rear seats (gray leather)

sell me sedan A pillars!! (black fabric)
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