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Originally Posted by rkhettry23 View Post
Just gotta keep spreading the word, the JuiceBox tunes seem so primitive compared to the COBB Access Port tune. Why struggle installing/uninstalling physical parts in your car when you can spend 15 min or so flashing it through the OBDII port and have the ability to change maps on the fly...including a valet mode....totally undetectable by BMW too since you literally flash it back to stock in approx 15 min.
Great looking 1, and enjoy your n54 engine. I know I do and my car weights a ton more.
I would not count on that being "undetectable". The new Ford 5.0's had people claiming the same until warranties started getting denied for tunes.

Ford's method involves a key cycles counter, so even if you have the stock file loaded, the numbers wont match up, E.G., 20,000 miles but only 10 key cycles....

I'm sure BMW is just as, and most likely more sophisticated than the Ford ECU.
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