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Originally Posted by CJPatel View Post
So the chips are only worth it if your out of warranty, or confident if your car isn't going to have a major meltdown?
Not necessarily. I should state that all the main tuning companies - BMS, Procede and COBB - are confident in that BMW cannot find traces of the tune if the proper procedures are followed before taking the vehicle in to the dealer. The owners pre-2010 had the best run 'cause BMW simply honoured any warranty claim since they couldn't prove the car had a tune... now things are getting a little tougher with the software changes (which BTW doesn't really come into play for basic services and warranty work... it's when you start asking for new turbo's etc that they delve deeper into the ECU to find out if you've had a tune). So rest assured, if you don't drive like an idiot chances are you won't blow up your engine thus needing warranty to replace it. The new HPFP is surprisingly holding up for the majority

evolve: depends on your relationship with your service advisor. Many of the guys on bimmerpost take their cars into the dealer with all mods and the shop guys become really fond of the aftermarket items. On the other hand, my mate took his 135 in for a HFPF replacement (tune was successfully removed) though because he had an intake the dealer blamed that mod for the fault, lol. So the advice is: remove intake prior to dealer visit; exhaust is fine as long as its not downpipes because that can also be blamed for engine component failure.

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