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Originally Posted by ppmz View Post
Hi Guys,

I've got an RHD Australian 330i and can't find the cable. Does anyone know which side of the car the cable should be on in a RHD car? It might not be pre-wired at all, but I haven't given up yet.
My alarm connector was wrapped up in the same material as the wires in your picture. Don't remember exactly what it looked like, aside from the pictures on the first page. Check your trunk to see if you have those buttons that say "prewired for.."

Also, look up your car on realoem.com, choosing RHD. Then you'll be able to find out exactly which side the connector is situation at based on the diagrams.

Originally Posted by E46_330_Ci View Post
What are the central locking functions for ?
I made my car lock/unlock all of the doors at once, instead of driver first then the rest.
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