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Originally Posted by gferrer View Post
valve cover gasket
water pump
semi-recent oil change
spark plugs OEM

-replace both radiator hoses (leaking coolant from lower hose)
-Timing chain, tensioners?
-replacing Oreily's $50 intake with OEM intake, It sounds kinda cool, but I wonder if there is really any gain to it, plus it looks kinda tacky in my stock bay.
-spark plu wires?
Scan codes first, there must be codes if it is as bad as it sounds. Your radiator hoses, while important to check/replace, are not the cause of your worries and neither is the thermostat. Timing chain shouldn't require replacement unless you somehow broke it. Did the problem appear immediately after replacing your VCG? If not, then your timing is fine.

Here's my approach:
1.) Scan codes, the rest of these steps would be just guessing without the codes.
2.) Take of the sh!tty intake and put the one with hundreds of engineering hours back on the car. Replace air filter and clean the box out while you're at it.
3.) Check your intake track for leaks/tears/holes/clogs, replace as necessary.
4.) Clean your MAF and idle control valve.
5.) You will need codes for this but like Kubica said, could be an ignition coil. Codes will tell for sure and which one is bad.
6.) Fuel filter and fuel pump. Replace the filter and check for pump operation and that it doesn't sound like it's on its last leg.

Scan the codes and tell us what the result is first. Good luck!
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