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Great Write Up, But new issues have arisen?

So I performed my starter swap with this great write up ('03 330xi auto trans) last October. Went fairly smooth minus a few nicks and cuts on the ol' paws due to lack of space. My question is; has anyone else had any issues with starter grinding after performing the swap? I had no issues to speak of getting the starter aligned on the pin and tightened the starter into place by alternating turns on both the top and bottom bolts to ensure that it was seated correctly. Once finished the started appeared to be seated all the way around without any noticeable gaps. I don't have grinding noises emitting from the engine bay every time, but on average over the past six months I would say that it happens 1/4 or maybe 1/5 starts. The grinding sound isn't so much of a brute force grind, but sounds as if the starter is slipping. Today I pulled off everything necessary to actually see the starter and it seems to still be seated 100%. I also looked at the flywheel throught the slots in the bell housing and it doesn't appear to have any damage to the cogs. I guess I'm just at a loss for ideas.... Any thoughts???
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