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I'm responding to Dmax's post:

Patience? lol I don't know about you, but paying a few hundred $$$ for something in mid Feb and not hearing anything about the order being delayed or what not until I had to file for a dispute on PP is bad service to me. I understand that delays happen, but ignoring my emails is not the way to do things. Promising me about a delivery date and not delivering with no explanation is not the way to do things. And I'm not alone either, I actually vouched for these fools on another forum about the pre-order and a few people are also getting the silent treatment from Patrick.

But do you want to hear about something really shady? It's interesting that he posts on here of the pre-order, and turns around and tries to sell on ebay for almost 4x that of his ad. Maybe he got a shipment in & got greedy trying to sell for top dollar on ebay while delaying to fulfill the pre-orders? I'll never know, Patrick has since decided he wanted to become a mute and not answer my emails nor anybody else's unless you're making an order. In either case, at least I found a vendor NOT to do business with & frankly, I can care less now.
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