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Originally Posted by HPF Chris View Post
I believe we did a car with the Borla exhaust system and it was down 60rwhp over the HPF titanium. My guys can correct me if I'm wrong on that one.

Well, I got the Agency Power muffler(bought strictly because HPF recommends this muffler), not Borla. I am debating on what mid to run on my home grown sleeper exhaust:
1)no mid pipe
2) OEM mid(I still have mine) . could drone be further reduced by using the Borla mid pipe?
3) the Borla V2 mid. The car always ran great with that Borla V2 mid, nice tone too. Its volume is a good bit larger than OEM.
I dont know what the inside of the Borla mid looks like. AFAIK, its pretty nonrestrictive and eliminates any trace of rasp. I hate rasp. I never cared for their muffler at all. Maybe the power was lost in the muffler, not the v2 mid pipe. It might be worth a listen. Its still installed, BTW. THats a major point.

Besides, the car will be tuned for max HP in the track mode with the cut out in the OPEN overboard dump.

Chris, any way you slice it, this sleeper system is an huge winner. Well done!

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