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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
How does this new design differ or improve on the PowerFlex design that's been out for years?
UUC is using a more durable grade of urethane; specifically, the same material that is used in mil-spec parts for both military and commercial aircraft.

What we've done with this design is to place the deformative stress of the control arm insert pin in a flexible zone, eliminating creaking or looseness from aftermarket control arms that are out of spec... our new bushings can be used with any aftermarket arm designed as an OE-replacement.

These improvements and the material quality is what enables us to carry on with our lifetime warranty. You won't ever need to buy another set!

Originally Posted by lakedude90 View Post
How would these be compared to the well known Meyle hd FCAB's??
Meyle HD products are generally excellent, in fact we offer some of them. However, the critical difference to understand is that the Meyle HD FCABs are the exact same design as the OE FCABs, just built with better material. What that means is that the part is still constantly deformed with twisting motion. Compare that to the UUC which is a true bearing and twists freely, without stress. The Meyle HD will eventually wear out. And, no matter what, the Meyle still doesn't give that racecar-feel to the front end response that the UUC parts do.
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