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I have a long straight 2 mile road I travel to my office. The cops park in the parking lot and have a wireless radar gun and they stand on the apron and shoot the cars. Our parking lot openning is in the middle of a school zone so they pick up people speeding through it.

Sometimes they leave the gun on, but most of the time its Ka band with him picking a car and pulling the trigger in an "instant on" type situation.

I usually pick it up somewhere in the 2 miles prior. My V-1 emits that it picked up a signal on Ka with the arrow pointing in front of me. It never does this unless they are down there so I know in advance. The cop rarely triggers me as I am going slow enough, but a few times they zap the car next to me and it goes off full blast.

It is the early detection that is key. However, solo car on a road, the cop is watching for you, it is probably going to be tough with anything. Now if you drove by the cop in the night, you should have seen his headlights following you and recognized what they looked like so you could monitor where he was after you passed him.

The detector does a lot to help out, but your eyes and awareness can do SO much more never mind thinking like a cop as to where a good spot is to target people. Where I live, they have no originality and are usually in the same area a few times a month.
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