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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
Nice. I thought you were in the US? Your plate looks American-ish. Anyway good info and I agree the radiator usually lasts longer than 100k. But I mentioned that this is just a guide and your mileage may vary.

And the expansion tank cap is listed in the parts list. DODO HEAD!

Please show us your radiator when its out so we have some documentation on E46 radiator failure. I want to know where/how specifically these radiators fail. I know the E36 radiators fail at the neck where the upper hose attaches.
Im in Canada.

Well, I saw the cap was listed but didnt see the info on ability to use E30 cap to reduce pressure.

I wont hold till my rad breaks , been waiting to long and I'll just replace it but I'll upload some pics later of my friends '00 328 auto that just ruptured its rad a week ago so we have some documentation.
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