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Originally Posted by r2t2 View Post
Well it's not like Dynavin or Enco are big name brands... The things that would concern me would be that this could just be a lateral move and if you want navigation you have to add an additional module. And that's gonna be an issue because from what I've seen in my 330i, there isn't a whole lot of free space under the dash. At one point I was considering this type of unit, but with the screen out your access to the A/C controls looks like it would be obstructed.

Just my two cents...
I have the Dynavin currently installed and entirely unhappy with it. I've been pointing fingers at all my other gear trying to find the source of crappy sound (stinger HPM 3 RCA's, Alpine Processor, Alpine PDX 2nd gen Amps, Boston Pro speakers)...

I tested using a laptop direct into the Alpine processor through the system and immediately, without any tweaking, the sound was full and rich like it should always have been. So I am getting rid of the Dynavin.

My HVAC controls came fitted in the lower dash anyway as I had the double din cassette/tv from factory.

I do want nav, but honestly I'd pay over $1000 for a good touchscreen unit with decent SQ output so long as it doesn't require cutting up my A/C ducts and does not involve a flimsy flip up design.

I have just found that there are several of the cheaper brands re-badging this same unit above: Boss, Power Acoustik, Farenheit, Precision Power, Soundstream... So I'm pretty sure its another gimmick unit with crappy performance.

I know Soundstream and Precision Power were never leading the industry in source units, but they did have a reputable brand name for amplifiers and speakers, so I cannot understand why they would dare put their name on something if it was comparable quality to a Dynavin. That wouldn't be a smart move... so I'm deterred and intrigued at the same time
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