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Tom thanks for the help with my install. I had most of the problems most folks get and I did what most folks do: I didnt disconnect the battery or update the firmware. I'll say this; you need to do the updates, then install with the battery disconnected to get this thing to remotely respond as advertised. In the end, it wasnt hard, just tedious. It also has some quirks that you have to get use to, like when you start it up, dont try to browse within the first 5 seconds or you'll switch it to satellite or AUX. If you dont know that you did that, you'll just sit there thinking the thing is whacked out, but it's just doing what it's programmed to do. I've used it with the ipod locked and unlocked and both work, but again, you need to understand the instructions are like reading your BMW instructions the first time you got the car; it doesnt work exactly as you'd intuitively think, but it works. Although the help ticket seems to be a dead end, calling direct got me all the answers I needed.
Really only one minor nit and that is I havent for the life of me been able to get rid of the scroll creep interference.
Willing to offer any help to those with the basic BU set up.
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