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Easy way to narrow down misfire issue!!! Hope this helps people. Good luck

pop the hood and get a glass of water about half full. Take the water with a napkin so it doesnt slide and set it on the drivers side of the engine. Remove the cover to expose the coils and and spark plugs. start your engine and note the movement of the water. if all is working you should have no significant movement of water in the glass. Now,,,one at a time remove the coil wire from one cylinder at a time and watch the water. if the movement of the water gets worse then the coil and spark plug are working properly. do this to all cylinders till you get one that doesn't change the movement of the water. when that happens, shut off the engine and remove a good coil and place it into the cylinder that made no change to the water movement. turn engine back on and repeat the wire removal precess with the two cylinders that you swapped coils in. if the known good coil works in the original dead cylinder spot it's not the plug or an internal issue. When you take the wire off the suspected dead coil and you get no change in movement of water then you have a bad coil. Simply replace the bad coils or coils and reset error codes. Hope that helps.
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