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I have a 2000 ( manufacture date of 09/99) E46 323iT. I just hit 115,000 miles. I got my car back from the dealer last Monday. I had taken it in for the no reverse problem and the dealer "suggested" replacing the solenoid as a "possible" fix. The problem I had been experiencing was sometimes reverse acts like a second neutral. But after I drive for like 10 minutes or so in Drive, reverse works again. What the heck?

Anyway, This happened again (*&^%$#@) last night even though it went into reverse several times just fine earlier yesterday.

Just looked at the Dealer receipt. They replaced three Solenoid valve on/o all with part # 24337504753 - and filter & fluid - DEALER DID replace the 24327532013 Pressure regulator,convert.lockup clutch.

Problem remains... apparently this same problem would exist with sticking values as well - the dealer tells me. Sweet!

Still goes into reverse when warm everytime.

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