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Been a bit too busy to post updates, but here's the latest:

A few weeks back, Miles (mkodama) and I tackled the M3 front suspension upgrade. My front brake pads were getting thin, so I figured it was as good a time as any.

Here's what we started with (stock 325i calipers, control arms, tie rods, powerflex FCABs):

IMG_3222 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

Undo the caliper, pop all of the ball joints out and release the compression collar bolt to free the king pin:

IMG_3225 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

Pop the inner ball joint and remove the FCAB bolts to free the control arm:

IMG_3226 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

And this is what we're left with:

IMG_3227 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

Same thing on the other side:

IMG_3228 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

Took the boot off the tie rod and started unscrewing it from the rack:

IMG_3230 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

I used a very large adjustable wrench to release the tie rods from the rack. After 54k miles, the ball joints are still in very good shape:

IMG_3231 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

M3 tie rod end attached:

IMG_3233 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

Same for the other side, along with the shiny new M3 control arm:

IMG_3234 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

With those in place, the new M3 king pin was installed:

IMG_3236 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

New M3 reinforcement plate, with that wonderful puck for the center jacking point:

IMG_3237 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

Brake dust shield (already modified for BBK) installed along with the small inner dust shield:

IMG_3238 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

IMG_3239 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

New M3 wheel bearing (note that it accepts 2 set screws instead of 1 and that it has 2 dowel pins). Torqued down to 200+ ft-lbs (oiled).

IMG_3241 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

Finally, the dust cap is installed with a little sealant:

IMG_3244 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

Massive 365mm Alcon/Stasis brake rotor also fitted:

IMG_3246 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

Those wheel bearings were tight fit on the spindle, so I got them nice and hot to ease installation. Didn't help tremendously, but a hammer and large socket took care of the rest.

IMG_3247 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

Other side done:

IMG_3248 by cyberkaa, on Flickr

And that's all for now. Pics with the new calipers and wheels after I get an alignment.
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