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Originally Posted by MercForHire View Post
Great info but there have been no reports of the knock sensors malfunction yet.
If someone has so little faith in every component of their e46 and is forced to use 91 out of fear. Then please, sell the German piece of sh1t.
You must be poor.

Please stop with the barnyard fantasy good ol' boy philosophy. If you can't afford to properly run your car, then sell your German POS.

Which brings me to my next point. Worst case scenario of premium fuel costs you $.20 cents more than regular, you're paying $3.20 more per tank for a 16-gallon fill-up. Can you seriously not afford three bucks a tank?

You'll also get poorer mileage on lower octane and less power (detect knock and pull timing as designed), if your car is specified to run optimally on 91 octane (like our cars are) So by one being a barnyard boy, one is actually hurting both their mileage and their wallet.

OP. following your owners manual is key.
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