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Originally Posted by tailo View Post
Best not to remove any safety, Back in the day I heard of several cases of people removing colt series 80 FP safeties (a internal drop safety) and getting nailed on a justified shoot just because they removed a safety that's only job was to lock the firing pin incase the gun was dropped and the hammer jumped the sear.

Removing the thumb safety would be a field day for them, "gun nut removes safety"

Now, from my humble experiance the thumb safety should always be used if the firearm has one. If you cant handle it you may want to stop carrying all togeather.

As far as guns go I'm a 1911 guy. I own a small business that deals with used 1911 parts... but I wont carry a 1911 cocked and locked, especially the MIM crap thats getting pumped out today. Even with the safety on your hammer is resting on two hooks that are roughly .020 thick (less if the trigger has been messed with) IF something breaks (remember I sell used parts) and they some times do, a 1911 can run out of control until the pistol is empty in a worst case situation. I've broken two sears myself, one lead to the pistol going NFA, the hammer followed the slide until the mag was empty, a novice would/could have shot himself in the face.

I will carry a M9, when you decock a m9 that gun is completely 100% safe, you cant make it go off until you flip that safety and pull the trigger.
Never heard of a "1911 Guy" that was scared to carry one cocked and locked. The gun has 2 safeties in series 70 mode and 3 (including a firing pin block) on series 80. On my Kimber, even if the gun did go full auto all I have to do is let off the grip safety and the firing pin is blocked. The gun is DESIGNED to be carried cocked and locked and it is nothing to be scared of at all. The problem comes when novice people drop in sears and hammers that aren't properly radiused and fit together. Even "drop in" parts like that should be fit by a trained gunsmith. A youtube DIY isn't going to cut it.
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