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Originally Posted by ac_2007 View Post
Waterpumps fail, ETs fail. I haven't heard the rad to be an issue like the former two.
Right. I understand it's less common but as a whole, replacing these parts ensures you don't warp your head. It's just one more $140 step towards protection.

We have had a few radiator failure posts recently. Blockedout has a leaking radiator

AND back on topic of helping members:

If my sticky prevented one head from being warped, my sticky would be worth $2,500.

Given that I got six messages thanking me for my sticky and that it would be used, and I had the sticky up for three days so far, that averages two helps a day. This sticky potentially saves fanatics $150,000 a month, or $1.8m annually. Given that only 10% of fanatics ever post, imagine the ones who I'm helping who you'll never hear about and will never PM me about it. Multiply that figure by 10, and I'm saving members about $18,000,000 a year. WOW!

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