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Originally Posted by threetwentyfizzle View Post
Can someone shed some light on the ccv and vanos seals/vvc for me while this thread is still relevant? My 325ci just approached 100k on me and it's time for my preventative maintenance projects as well.

So far, I've replaced my fuel pump/fuel filter

Coolant flush

Belts and 1 of the pulleys (alternator or idler I think)

Control arms replaced when I bought car

About to replace clutch/flywheel/trans fluid this weekend

Any other areas I need to bring to my attention besides spark plugs? (I will be doing them within the next month or so)

Why replace just one pulley? See sig for more info. Do coil boots, clean ICB, TB, MAF, DISA. Reseal all. Replace all fluids. Change O2s, change CCV system (cause for vacuum leaks due to cracking/drying with age) and needs to be done at around 100k miles. Vanos seals shoud be done too.
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