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I just realized you're in Oregon also. What part? I'm near Newport.

If you're not throwing any codes and the car is running fine, I wouldn't worry about the DISA for now. Usually that will cause very rough running or even make the car die at idle, especially when cold. Glad to hear that switching back to OEM and replacing the boots fixed it.

The only thing I would change, regardless of wear is the water pump and cooling system parts. It seems that the water pump, thermostat and expansion tanks all fail on these cars around 60K miles and at 60K intervals. Its one of those parts that's cheaper to replace it before it fails, especially since you can either fry your engine or have the pump break and shear off your belts, hoses, and radiator. BTDT on mother in law's Z3

On a side note, I had an aftermarket intake on a 1.8T Jetta that was notorious for fowling MAF's and throwing all kinds of codes.

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