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I tried to PM you but it said your inbox is full! SHOTTY THE MUFFLER!! O:< Nobody else gets it unless it's too dented for me to want it!

I'm extremely interested in the stock muffler, would you be able to send me a picture or two of the damage done to it? The jerk who owned my car before me put a stupid, ugly, crappy sounding cheap muffler on my car and it makes me so mad lol. Got my fingers crossed that yours isn't too bad!

I'm located in northwestern NJ, so I can maybe come pick it up depending on what region of PA you're in. I am not really up to driving out to P-burg, but anything close to State College or east of there really is great. I drive there like once a month to hang out with my boyfriend lol.

Shoot me an email with a pic at Thanks so much! Can't wait to hear from you. =)
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