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Originally Posted by 323tom View Post
18x9.5 front (275/35/18) and 18x12 rear (335/30/18) and they are toyo r888... the car is going to a body shop after SP is done for a slight widebody lol all the parts are sitting there waiting... It will be 1.5" wider than a stock m3 in rear and front oem m3 fenders with molded grills...Also I Asked for the AC to be removed for larger intake to be fit
Thats just awesome! Great idea. I am doing the same so I am biased. Not quite as extreme...315X17 on 11 inch rims and 265x18 on 9.5 inch rims. I will only have to doctor my rear quarter panels. I would rather do what you are doing but have just run out of $$ and time. Well done, sir!! I see your project as the best new build coming out., IMO. No holds barred. This is really exciting stuff. You are doing everhtung right!! SP is doing awesome work. OMG!

The exhaust mani is a huge bottle neck for your project. I am sure that SP will either cut, port and re weld your Steed or do a tubular. We went the cut and port route which has yet to be proven. Either way will see a happier, easier breathing motor. I have no doubts for magnificence in your project.

You and I are among the very very few who have not gone the full wide body look which is too extreme IMO. I cant wait to see your custom semi wide body. It will have a unique look that will retain much of the E46 heritage. I like that. My rear will bulge similar to the Porsche rear fender wells which is not a bad look I think. The AC Cobra bulges similarly.

LOL. I see you did custom Recaros. Me too. But i did custom Red jersey(breathable) and red alcantara trim on mine. I had to go for the Sport Topline XL because of my height and overall size (6'4" 240lbs). The topline are just a high end cruising seat really that work for what i need. Once you are strapped down in a five point it doesnt matter so much I dont have a pure racing seat. THe Recaros in Imola Leather have got to be sick. Hope you did perforated at least. I know approx what those are going to cost you. Big $$!

I would be very very surprised if you are not well North of 1000rwhp on this build. You really will have the ultimate street and strip E46 IMO.

when you say "molded grills" do you mean side GILL elimination?..for stelath purposes? It will look like a non M car from the side. I think you should put a 323 badge on it!!! No, seriously.

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