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Nice try Patrick, but it's great to hear that you can finally respond to emails. Please respond to the emails of the other unfortunate souls who took part of this sham you call a pre-order.

I can understand that BMW NA are dragging their feet on delivering the items and is beyond your control- but what's your excuse on your lack of communication & inability to answer my emails in a timely manner? I paid in full to the tune of almost $500 on 2/13/12. It doesn't matter if I pre-ordered socks - if I paid in full, and the delivery date passed (on multiple occasions) with no item & no explanation, I should have been given a status update without me having to ask for it. Strike 1.

Let's rewind for a bit. So I made the order on 2/13/12. As I'm sure you're well aware, the limit of time that one can file a dispute on a particular transaction is within 45 days (Paypal) & normally 60 days (credit cards). So now you've stated that the release date was 3/30, then 4/9, and now 4/16. Had I waited and not done anything, I would have been fcuked as I would have exceeded the time limit to dispute the trans & my cc couldn't protect me of your inability to fulfill the order. Given the numerous posts on here about bmwpartssource, especially the ridiculousness of how you're illegally collecting sales tax on out-of-state orders and not refunding their money; I have no confidence in you of being able to do the right thing. Strike 2.

In regards to your ebay listing at the higher price, the retail price for the Jeff Koons art car is $145-165. You asking $400 for it on ebay just solidifies that you're a con-artist looking to make a quick buck. This, I believe is supported if one simply does a keyword search on you / bmwpartssource. Strike 3.

If I was a betting man, I'd say it's highly doubtful that you'll be able to fulfill your orders by 4/16. (Prove me wrong!!!! lol) On the bright side, now I know to always do my research on any vendor I do business with. Coincidentally, the new vendor that took my preorder doesn't charge my credit card until the items have been shipped; just as it should to be.

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